Lärchi`s world of friends


Lärchi and his friends

Lärchi, the nimble squirrel, feels very comfortable at his home in the squirrel hotel above the Lärchenhof. The little one is a very special squirrel because he is the only one among his fellow species who does not hibernate during the cold season. Simply impossible for Lärchi: he always wants to be active and is always motivated to discover and learn new things.

He prefers to spend time with his friends. Johnny, the patient rabbit, Putzi, the committed deer and Charly, the brave raven are his very best friends among all the other animal colleagues. In summer, Lärchi is constantly on the move outdoors with the trio and the four friends go for hikes and discovery trips around the Lärchenhof. They prefer to romp along the squirrel path.

But the winter is a challenge for many animals. Snow, the icy temperatures and the lack of food sources are also a problem for Lärchi and his trio. But since they discovered the ski school Lärchenhof, the team of four has found a great place for the winter months. So it happens that they all work hard together in the ski school and are always happy to make new friends

Visit Lärchi at the ski school Lärchenhof,


become his friend too


and let yourself be infected by his motivation.




2 hours in the morning

€ 195,-

2 hours afternoon

€ 180,-

3 hours in the morning

€ 255,-

3 hours afternoon

€ 230,-

1 day (4 hrs)

€ 300,-

All prices do not include lift tickets, equipment and meals.

Prices are for 1 person.
Each additional person € 35.00 (up to max. 4 people)

Individual course duration on request.